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Severine Austin in my eyes street art tours

Who am I?

I'm Severine,  French girl who loves Austin and Street Art

My Story

live a great story murals Austin in my eyes street art

Originally from Lyon, France, I arrived in Austin in July 2017. I started to discover my new city which welcomed me in the summer heat.

I immediately felt the good vibrations that Austin creates. Passionate about street art, I very quickly fell in love with Austinite murals.

This street art can be clandestine, illegal and anonymous, or on the contrary, signed, authorized and commissioned but it's always an artistic expression. In Austin, just like live music, Street Art is everywhere and contributes to the dynamism of the city coloring on walls and keeping Austin Weird.


Ephemeral or long-standing iconic, these works of art and culture are full of energy. I have learned to feel, understand and admire the messages behind each wall. I started by taking pictures, chasing the walls around town, understanding the stories linked to them, recognizing the styles of the different artists and even having the chance to meet some of them.

I love sharing my perspective on this art, that's why I have created unique walking tours.

Join me, to see .... Austin In My Eyes.

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